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Welcome to this new community website dedicated to the study of A Course In Miracles. Our mission is to create a place where Course Students/Teachers can help each other with information about study groups, terms and interpretation of The Course.

Events Tab

I would like to add an event that LoveComm is having on March 27th. There is no additional pull-down list under the "EVENTS" tab. When I click on it, there is no option to add a new event. That option used to be at the top of the page. Can you please assist me in posting this upcoming event? Many thanks in advance for your assistance. Beverly, for LoveComm.

What happened to the twitter feed?

The twitter posts just stopped coming after lesson #11. Since I was relying on them popping into my blackberry, I got confused, and now I'm a day off. Ah, beloved ego, looking to project blame outward!

Also, I was retweeting them to my peeps on twitter and on Facebook. I hope you can get tem back on line soon.

Revs. Deb & Paul Phelps of MiraclesOne


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Jeanine Ausin, Ph.D.

daily lessons

Hello there!

First, i wanted to thank you for this valuable resource, which I have been turning to on almost a daily basis over the past few months. Particularly at work, when i don't feel like lugging my whole ACIM book, I can pull up this site and reread the daily lesson.

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